A flattening yield curve is not a threat to mortgage insurers

"The Normal Yield Curve. Normally the yield curve is upward sloping showing that, all else being equal, a bond (mortgage) with a longer maturity pays a higher yield (rate) than the same bond with a shorter maturity. From the great depression through to today, the yield curve has spent the majority of its time in the shape of a normal upward sloping curve.

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The yield curve started to flatten ahead of schedule, at a time when rates were still falling rather than rising. Not only that, instead of a typical "bearish flattening" from a larger rise in short-term rates (and a more bearish outlook for short-term bonds), what we saw was a "bullish flattening" driven Sep by declining long-term rates.

So neither Fitch nor Yellen see the flattening yield curve as an ominous sign of anything other than exasperated NIRP refugees looking for a somewhat less gruesome alternative. And folks hoping the Fed will use the flattening yield curve as an excuse to back off from further rate hikes will likely be disappointed.

The threats to real estate agents’ business models also. slowing economic growth, weaker loan growth and a flattening yield curve. Certainly the bank mergers and acquisitions announced continued in.

The Significance of a Flattening Yield Curve and How to Trade It With many investors confused over what a flattening yield curve means, we address such questions as why the curve flattens and.

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The report finds that consumers expect prices to rise faster than wages, meaning they feel like they will have less not more to spend. From tariffs to trade wars to inflation to a flattening yield.

Yield Curve Inversion!? Flattening Yield Curve Explained A flattening yield curve is normal at this stage. Wagner says it’s not unusual for the yield curve to flatten late in an economic cycle , which is where he believes we are, especially as stock.

One of the most popular measures of the yield’s curve slope has narrowed to its tightest in a decade. One reason why analysts have dismissed the recent flattening is the theory that foreign bond.

However, the flattening has been less of a factor since the end of Q2 2018. Commercial mortgage REITs are not impacted much by a flattening of the yield curve.

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