Did Ben Carson just mistake an REO for an Oreo?

. Obituaries · Just the Headlines · Trump Central · Photo Galleries · Video. Housing and urban development secretary ben carson testifies at a House Financial. Katie Porter of California. “No, not an Oreo,” she replied. “R-E-O.”. Everyone knows that,” the Oreo account wrote, though it did not make an.

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‘Do you know what an REO is?’ ‘An Oreo?’ Jump to media player One is a real estate term. The other is a cookie. US Housing Secretary Ben Carson got them mixed up.

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Carson confused REOs with Oreo cookies while he was being questioned. And the, REO portfolio, just over the last 10 years, has dramatically.

Easy mistake to make, since they are essentially homonyms, Unless of course you are the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and you are paid north of 200,000 a year to, well, at the least know the difference between an REO and a cookie, es.

On Tuesday, hud secretary dr. Ben Carson’s testimony before the House Financial Services Committee garnered more headlines for his confusing the real estate term REO with "Oreo," than it did for his.

Political observers are not impressed that Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson needed a tutorial on Tuesday in order to.

Trump’s Housing and Urban Development secretary did. mistake a real estate term for a cookie during a Tuesday hearing, but that’s not the only comment that caught people’s attention. At one point,

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– Ben Carson (@SecretaryCarson) May 21, 2019 But perhaps the gaffe doesn’t speak as ill of the doc-turned-housing-policy-head as it may seem. "In Carson’s defense the acronym soup of federal housing policy is indefensible and I don’t use any of it in my writing it [sic] I can help it," tweeted Atlantic CityLab reporter Kriston Capps.

US housing secretary Ben Carson confused a common property term with the name of a chocolate biscuit during a disastrous congressional hearing. The 67-year-old appeared before the House Financial.

A day earlier, Waters’ committee also was a class in oversight for Carson, and a chance for Democrats to question the former neurosurgeon’s qualifications to serve as secretary of Housing and.

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“Do you know what an REO rate is?” California Democratic Rep. Katie Porter asked Carson, after asking him to explain the disparity in said.